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Definition of Terms

Resident – Any individual residing within the Fox Valley Park District boundaries which generally includes the following municipalities: Aurora, North Aurora, Montgomery, and Sugar Grove (through an inter-governmental agreement). Some exceptions to these boundaries exist and may be verified by a district boundary map or a tax bill/receipt.

Non-Resident: Any individual residing outside of the Fox Valley Park District boundaries.

Adult Groups: Athletic leagues/groups made up of participants primarily 18 years of age or older.

Youth Groups: Athletic leagues/groups made up of participants primarily 17 years of age or younger.

Resident Groups: groups comprised of 80% or more of participants residing within the Fox Valley Park District boundaries.

Non-Resident Groups: groups comprised of 25% or more of participants residing outside of the Fox Valley Park District boundaries.

Additional Rental Information

$100 per additional field layout that is requested. Approvals are based on space and equipment availability.

Bases are not provided for baseball and softball field rentals.


Game reservations cancelled at least 3 working days or more prior to rental date will receive a full refund. For cancellations 3 working days or less from the rental date, the rental fee will be non-refundable. The Fox Valley Park District reserves the right to cancel any permit.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required for use all rentals at Stuart Sports Complex. Minimum requirements are $1,000,000 per each occurrence listing the Fox Valley Park District as additionally insured.

Inclement Weather

The Athletics Supervisor will make every attempt to reschedule permits cancelled due to inclement weather. Renters whose events have been cancelled due to inclement weather must contact the Fox Valley Park District to re-schedule or apply to receive a refund.

Field and Diamond Conditions

The Fox Valley Park District makes every attempt to keep all fields and diamonds in the best condition possible. Resting fields and diamonds or taking areas out of play may be necessary to maintain these conditions. The Park District reserves the right to make any necessary adjustments to a permit for maintenance or safety reasons.

Field Lining or Marking

Lining of the fields is the responsibility of the Fox Valley Park District staff . Burning lines into Park District property is prohibited. Chemicals and fertilizers may be necessary at times but can only be applied by authorized Park District staff.


Any vehicles in unauthorized locations are subject to ticketing or towing. All users are expected to follow all parking rules and guidelines. Permits may be revoked if parking designations are not followed. Field allocations are also approved based on parking availability at each location. Schedules of play by groups may need to be adjusted to accommodate parking needs.


All organizations requesting to host a tournament on Fox Valley Park District fields or diamonds must complete and submit the Athletic Tournament Rental Request Form. Tournaments will be approved based on availability of fields, parking, and the number of participants/teams. Game times may need to be adjusted and staggered to allow proper time for field preparation before and between games as well as traffic concerns.


Any rentals / tournaments that wish to have a vendor on site must receive permission from the Fox Valley Park District and it staff.  A fee per vendor will charged depending on the type of event or tournament.

Permit Guidelines

As a part of the application process to receive a field/diamond use permit, the Use Guidelines will need to be reviewed and signed by the group representative and submitted back to the Fox Valley Park District. All permitted users are expected to abide by all regulations and district ordinances at all times while using Fox Valley Park District property. Failure to comply with any rule/guideline could result in your permit being revoked and future permits being given. The athletic field/diamond rules that are in addition to the Use Guidelines include but are not limited to:

In accordance with our district ordinance, any organized groups of 25 people or more wishing to use an Park District athletic field/diamond must attain a permit from the Outdoor Athletics Coordinator prior to field/diamond use. It is the responsibility of the organization or responsible party to ensure that the permit is present during each and every permitted use of the field/diamond and is able to be presented upon request.

When applicable, the permit will include a start and end time which is the only time the user may be on the field/diamond. That time frame will include set up, warm ups and clean up. The permitted user is responsible for ensuring that all litter is cleaned up and disposed of properly by the end time of the permitted use.

Permitted use begins no earlier than 8am and ends at dusk, unless approved to use lights for events. Light usage must be included on the request form and once approved, will also be noted on the permit issued to the user.

Permits are non-transferable. Permits are issued for specific individuals/groups and may not be given to any other individuals or groups.

Practices are not allowed on lined soccer fields or prepped (chalked) baseball diamonds unless the request was made for such preparation in which case an appropriate game fee will be charged.

A concessionaire permit must be attained to sell any items on Park District property.