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As one of the largest sports complexes in the Midwest, Stuart Sports Complex is a premier location for hosting local, regional and national tournaments.

Encompassing 317 acres, Stuart Sports Complex offers a vast array of recreation opportunities as one of the largest outdoor sports facilities in the Midwest. On an annual basis, more than 4,000 athletic contests are held at Stuart, involving over 75,000 participants and attracting well over 100,000 spectators. Stuart is the central hub for dozens of local sports groups – primarily soccer, baseball and softball – ranging from youth soccer leagues to Little League baseball and adult slow-pitch softball. In addition, Stuart is the home turf for numerous high school and college from throughout the area. The nearby towns of Aurora, Montgomery and Sugar Grove – all less than a five-minute drive from Stuart – offer visitors ample choices for lodging, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and recreation.

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General Park Rules

  • Fields are available for permitted play only
  • Alcohol is not allowed without a special Fox Valley Park District permit
  • Pets must remain on a leash unless inside of the dog park
  • Vendors are required to have a Fox Valley Park District permit
  • Fox Valley Park District is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to personal property.

Field Use Guidelines

The following field use guidelines have been established to clearly communicate the expectations of groups using district fields for play. Please contact the Athletics Supervisor at (630) 897-0516 for any questions concerning the following guidelines.

  • A field permit is for specified fields only. Practices and/or warm-ups are prohibited on fields or diamonds not listed on field permit.
  • A current Certificate of Insurance for $1,000,000 per each occurrence listing the Fox Valley Park District as additionally insured is required for all games.
  • Cancellation of field use due to field conditions will be made by either the Athletics Supervisor and/or the Outdoor Athletics and Events Manager and communicated to all users on the Fox Valley Park District website in the field conditions link.
  • Schedules with full payment will need to be turned into the FVPD no later than two weeks prior to the start of scheduled games/tournaments/practices. Failure to turn in complete payment and schedule may result in cancellation of field privileges.
  • To receive resident rates, proof of district residency is required. At least 80% of the participation roster as well as the renting organization must reside within Fox Valley Park District boundaries to receive the resident discount.
  • An additional Fee may be charged for security costs related to traffic and safety concerns for use of district property. The fee could vary based on size, scope, and timing of event.
  • All groups must park in designated lots only. Non district vehicles may not be driven onto the field turf at any time.
  • For protection of district property, teams/individuals are prohibited from playing soft toss into the fence areas or participating in batting practice in front of the backstop.
  • Groups may not play in rain soaked areas.
  • Charging of admissions to district parks or fields or parking is prohibited.
  • Field lights may not be turned on prior to 6 p.m. and are to be turned off at the end of the last game.
  • Groups may not enter into any third party agreements (excluding Umpires) without written permission from the FVPD.
  • Groups may not sell goods/merchandise on district property without written permission from the district including lotteries or raffles, etc.
  • Groups may not perform field maintenance on the fields or utilize park district equipment including, but not limited to trucks, rakes, shovels, chalk, etc.
  • Refunds will not be issued if the district cancels field privileges based on any violations to guidelines listed.
  • The reserving individual/organization will be responsible for and will pay for any damage to the Fox Valley Park District property arising out of the use of said facility pursuant to these guidelines.
  • The applicant, his/her organization and members are bound by policy of the permit, its terms and conditions, and regulations and ordinances pertaining to the use of Fox Valley Park District property violations of this permit may lead to revoking of field permit.
  • Permit holder will be responsible for any additional services required (i.e. portable restrooms)